Wooden beds found in Yandex

One double beds from stock and on order

When choosing a bed, a modern consumer takes into account many factors: the beauty and ergonomics of the design, relaxation comfort, reliability and durability of the product. Of great importance is also the quality and safety of the materials of which the bed is made....

Solid wood beds from LTD "Interior" fully satisfy the requirements of the most demanding customer. Beds are made from the safest and most environmentally friendly materials ::

  • Oak solid wood;
  • Ash and Alder solid wood;
  • Pine solid wood;
  • Chipboard imported, not having harmful impurities;
  • Natural veneer;
  • MDF with a glossy or matte finish

Custom-made beds made of solid wood

You can buy a solid wood bed from LTD "Interior", made according to the finished project of our designers (models are shown in the photo) or order an individual project. In this case, the designer selects stylistic solutions, taking into account your wishes as well as the layout and design of the room. After this, the authorís sketch of the bed is developed and the project is visualized in 3D. The customer approves the project, selects the color of the product. All details are discussed and taken into account. As a result of co-creation with the designer, you create a unique product that suits your needs - the bed you dreamed about.

Solid wood beds

For customers who want to purchase a finished product, LTD "Interior" offers a wide range of beds made of solid wood. Lovers of beauty will appreciate the exquisite simplicity and elegance of the classic-style beds made of solid wood.

Creative beds for children and adults

For creative buyers who are not satisfied with traditional interiors and furniture, we can offer a non-standard design approach, unusual combinations of different materials, shapes, colors, original design solutions. A large selection of beds and for those who adore functionality, laconic design and natural materials.

Solid wood beds of any design

You can order beds and doors from solid wood of any design from us ::

  • Single beds made of solid wood;
  • Double beds made of solid wood;
  • Bunk beds made of solid wood;
  • Loft bed made of solid wood;
  • Bed with drawers;
  • Bed-cupboard and others.

At the request of the customer, LTD "Interior" produces:

  • Cabinets made of solid wood;
  • Chests of solid wood;
  • Dressing tables made of solid wood;
  • Other bedroom furniture.